segd- The Society for Experiential Graphic Design

We are a non-profit professional association.

We are the global, multidisciplinary community of professionals who plan, design, and build experiences that connect people to place.

We are graphic, information, media, interaction, exhibition and industrial designers, fabricators, architects, technology integrators, brand strategists, students, wayfinding specialists, teachers, and others who have a hand in shaping content-rich, experiential spaces.

We are a community of over 2,200 members from 35 countries who gather locally in 34 local chapters and internationally at the annual SEGD Conference and 6 other education events.


阅读年度总统更新和季度CEO更新to find out how the organization is doing and what is planned to improve SEGD's services for members.

What do members say about SEGD?

罗纳德·莎士比亚(Ronald Shakespear),阿根廷莎士比亚

"SEGD is like a family; you can reach out to fellow members when you need help. In any partnership, it's important to have the right networking in place. And you always want to associate yourself with like-minded people who have the same goals, aims, and aspirations - but how they get there may be very different. That's where our strength lies as an organization - not in our similarities but in our differences. I am glad to be a part of SEGD; even all the way in Dubai, I feel like I am connected."

“我依靠segd将我与世界联系起来 - 每天都在。在新西兰是夜晚。”
Bella Akroyd, pHd3, Auckland, New Zealand

"Joining SEGD has been a massive benefit, giving us access to an international community with unbelievable resources: new business opportunities, information regarding the latest technology, projects and products, and the ability to network and make friends with a broad spectrum of fabricators, designers and clients. It gives us a competitive edge."
亚历克斯·伍德(Alex Wood),伦敦福尔摩斯伍德咨询公司

"Beyond its international awards program, annual conference, and publications, it is the spirit of collaboration between (professional and industry) members that makes SEGD membership so rewarding."
Jack Bryce, Jack Bryce Urban Design, Brisbane, Australia

Becky Horais

“我赞扬您要求提供的建议。当您不断寻找我们成功的福祉和职业/商机时,这使我与SEGD的会员人数确实值得。荣誉 - 和对您的更多权力 - 和美国成员。”
Roger Dacquigan Aninag, RHA Designs

霍曼·奥西达里(Houmann Oshidari)

“SEGD邮件让我的一天。他们并不总是结果in the action that you are hoping for, but it isn't for lack of effort. Thanks for making these necessary messages so entertaining, because I do look forward to them, rather than adding SEGD to my SPAM blocker.”
Dawn Diamond, The Douglas/Group

埃德·贝诺(Ed Bedno),艺术大学

“我很长一段时间以来,在应得的信贷的情况下给予信贷 - SEGD组织的团队领导。我已经成为成员已经有好几年了,经常引述AIA和IIDA需要从您的团队使用的配方中获得注入。
我很好,与educa伟大的体验tional aspect of SEGD. Not only have I benefited, but so too have my employees, clients, and my mentored students.
For what I have gained in professional expertise and comrades, SEGD are initials I am proud to display after my name. From an entrepreneurial perspective, it is the best buy for my business bucks!”
Mari Frith, SEGD IIDA, Mari Frith Associates