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The environment is complex. We make sense of it. Every place has a story. We tell it. Each project deserves an identity. We design it. And in everything we do, we find something to smile about.

位于俄勒冈州波特兰,安德森Krygier (AK)is a multi-disciplinary design studio offering professional services in landscape architecture, ecological analysis and experiential graphic design. Working across disciplines and at multiple scales around the globe, our enthusiasm lies in discovering what can be built that speaks with benevolent attention to the needs of the project and the planet. Our office atmosphere is collaborative, creative and passionate about enhancing the human experience of place while reinvigorating natural systems that sustain us.

Ecological Analysis
Anderson Krygier clients are stewards of the land and these days they are asked to do much. Urban and agricultural expansion, revenue generation, infrastructure development, ecological restoration, and sustainability concerns, among others, compete for attention and add pressure to the decision making process. Our ecological analysis practice takes up the challenge of assessing these complex scenarios, providing quantifiable data that eases those decisions. We seek to help designers and decision makers reinvigorate natural systems and ecologies through a deep examination of the effect our actions may have on the broader ecological system.

Landscape Architecture
Landscape architecture brings together various disciplines to shape outdoor spaces to a desired vision. A new experience is created. Each effort speaks to unique needs, to civic landscapes or green infrastructure for example, and each plan must respond to specific requirements. But humans can leave a big footprint at the expense of others. Our enthusiasm lies in discovering what can be built that speaks with benevolent attention both to the needs of the project and to the needs of the planet.

Experiential Graphic Design
Experiential Graphic Design addresses a primal need to connect with our immediate environment, placing ourselves in the moving story of time. Ages ago that may have taken the form of cave painting. In today’s brighter, more crowded world everything moves and changes with remarkable speed. It’s easy to feel lost. Our passion lies in reconnecting people with place. This connection, broadly speaking, establishes a baseline orientation that is both visceral and emotional. This is the first step. Where, how and why may vary.

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