University of California, Los Angeles, Wasserman Football Center

Honor Award 2018

The University of California, Los Angeles set out to create a state-of-the-art complex for their football program, representative of the University’s football heritage and with the intention of further raising the caliber of their athletic program, promoting player development and driving the recruitment and retention of players and coaches.

ZGF建筑师was commissioned to plan and design the Wasserman Football Center. Included in this was the opportunity to ideate and execute an environmental graphics program that would reflect and enhance the team culture, ranging from branding and identity to storytelling and placemaking, wayfinding and room signage and donor recognition.

该调色板在足球计划的背景下承认了UCLA品牌,并具有更深的UCLA Blue色调,并在地板覆盖物,家具和磨坊的地板上贴着隐形的黑色。该大学的黄金始终通过黄铜固定装置和图形嵌体以其真正的金属形式代表。

In the lobby, a floor-to-ceiling UCLA logo integrated into the black and gold ribbed wood of the interior architecture contributes a sense of place and identity. Multimedia vitrines are inset into the logo wall, displaying National Championship and Heisman Trophy wins, as well as a “Bruins breaking barriers” tribute. A broad pathway leading new recruits from the entrance to the elevator is formed in the slate flooring, called the “Letterman Walk,” which highlights players who have lettered in the sport.

Complementing team icons of the past, a new fearsome and iconic bruin bear was created by ZGF Architects. It can be seen throughout the facility as simple cameos for room name plates and in the wall of staggered carved wood silhouettes denoting UCLA players drafted into the NFL. One of the most impactful displays of this new bear is the textural roaring bear mosaic created with 11,520 three-and-a-half inch blocks stained a dozen shades of grey.

Custom tile mosaics have also been created, adding unique visual interest to wet areas. This treatment solved graphic issues the design team faced when dealing with iconic photographs that became highly pixilated when enlarged. In this way, historic moments were given a vibrant new lease on life.

ZGF Architects设计的项目包括11种不同大规模品牌 /讲故事时刻的图形表示,五个执行捐赠者识别和讲故事的执行,六个额外的捐助者识别时刻,191个其他标牌元素,用于路上,房间命名和编号,ADA代码标牌,102,102bear cameos and a special sign for “Joe’s Barber Shop” in the players’ basement locker room and lounge.

足球的图形经验沃瑟曼Center has proven to be attractive to donors, with many timeless and seamlessly integrated “donor moments” to choose from. The new environment has improved the university’s ability to compete with rival schools and to attract highly talented new recruits.

一个意想不到的后果的程度players love the space and have made it their home away from home. Even when not required to be on site, players use the space to study and do homework.

Jury Comments:




Design Firms:



University of California, Los Angeles

Project Area:

73,500 sq ft




$ 64,593,859

Photo Credits:

Nick Merrick / Hall+Merrick, Garrett Rowland (photography)


泰德·海曼(Ted Hyman)(负责合伙人);Braulio Baptista(设计合作伙伴);Sean McGreal(高级设计师);Marisa Keckeise,David Alf,Amir Hamed(项目设计师),Lily Chiu(高级项目建筑师);Matthew Tribe,Shara Castillo(技术设计师);Phiroze Titina(项目经理);Randall Stegmeier(高级室内设计师);Antony Tavlian(室内设计师);Suejin Park Jenny Lee(环境图形设计师);Brian Maguire(制造和原型制作)


PCL Construction Services,Inc。(总承包商)


Ceilings Plus(定制穿孔金属制品),代表CP(储物柜),Premier Tile(板岩雕刻),AD/S(黄铜字母和碟片),ZGF Architects(原型,皮革)代表CP(储物柜)(板块雕刻)(板块雕刻)(板岩)(板块雕刻)(Prototing,皮革)

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